Date completed:  2017
Publisher:  C. Alan Publications, 2019
Duration:  15 minutes
Instrumentation:  Horn Duo and piano
Recording:  “It’s About Time” Centaur, 2022.  Bruce Bonnell and Andrew Pelletier, horns; Peter Green, piano
Premiere:  2018 International Horn Symposium

I. Time Past
II. Time Suspended
III. Time Unleashed

Date of Piece: 2017
Duration: 7:10
Medium: Trumpet Ensemble
Instrumentation: 7 Bb trumpets (one doubling on flugelhorn and two doubling on piccol)
Publisher: C. Alan Publication. 2017
Recording: Central Michigan University Trumpet Ensemble

Date completed: 2015
Medium: Chamber
Publisher: C. Alan Publications 2016
Duration: 13:00
Instrumentation: 7 Bb Trumpets (one doubling on flugelhorn and two doubling on piccolo trumpet)
Movements: I. Fanfare
II. Song
III. Fuguing Tune
IV. Recitative
V. Trumpet Tune
VI. Aria
VII. Scherzo a la Rush
Recording: Central Michigan University Trumpet Ensemble

Date Completed: 1993
Medium: Trio for horn, tuba and piano
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Instrumentation: Horn, Tuba & Piano
Recording: “Aerodynamics” CD: Philip Sinder, tuba, Deborah Moriarty, piano, Janine Gaboury-Sly, horn. Mark Records, 1995.

Date Completed: 1996
Medium: Chamber Winds and Percussion
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Duration: 11 minutes
Instrumentation: chamber winds and percussion
Recording: University of Illinois Chamber Winds; James Keene, Conductor

Date Completed: 1996
Medium: Trio for Euphonium, Tuba and Piano
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Duration: 10 minutes
Instrumentation: Euphonium, Tuba, Piano
Recording: American Music for Tuba; David Zerkel, euphonium and tuba; Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano.

Date Completed: 2001
Medium: Solo with Percussion Ensemble
Publisher: C. Alan Publications, 2001
Duration: 10 minutes
Instrumentation: Oboe, Marimba Quartet
Recording: Jennifer Morrison, Oboe; Brian Ambrose, Kelly Cotter, Nathan Hiem, Nick Steward, Marimba quartet.

Date Completed: 2001
Medium: Woodwind trio
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Duration: 5 minutes
Instrumentation: Flute, clarinet, alto saxophone
Recording: Crescent Duo: Joanna Cowan White, flute; Kennen White, clarinet/ and John Nichol, Alto Saxophone


Date Completed: 2012
Medium: Euphonium and String Quartet
Duration: 16 minutes
Instrumentation: Euphonium and String Quartet
Recording: Harlem String Quartet; Edward Mallett, Euphonium