Thank you for your interest in my music. I hope this website assists you in learning and discovering more about my music. Since beginning my career as a composer, it has been my philosophy to create music with an underlying purpose and that emanates a sense of heart. Each of my works is a reflection of who I am, from the very surface to the deepest depths of my soul. I envision myself as a servant of humanity expressing a myriad of emotions, thoughts and feelings that cannot be expressed through words. And, perhaps, this musical expression will validate our purpose here on earth.


A composer thrives on the performances of his/her works. It justifies our existence. Therefore, I am hopeful that this website will propagate more performances by facilitating contact with conductors, students, musicians and anyone interested in my music. Please feel free to contact me with your comments and questions.

If you have come to this website looking for the music of my son, Garrett Gillingham, his music can be found on his website: https://garrettgillingham.com